Preparing your furniture for a move


Moving house means moving everything you own, from clothes and books to dishes and computers. Probably the most challenging aspect of a long move, however, is moving your furniture. Heavy, bulky and often fragile, furniture requires some careful preparation before moving. Fortunately, with the right first steps, you can take a lot of the hassle out of packing and transporting your furniture. 

What you'll need

Proper furniture packing requires some supplies. You'll want a set of tools; exactly what you'll need will vary depending on your furniture, but it will often include screwdrivers, a set of hex keys of varying sizes and a claw hammer. A supply of small plastic bags will come in handy. Bubble wrap or other packing material is a must; similarly, you'll want some kind of padding for larger items. If you're using a furniture removalist, they may be able to supply you with furniture blankets; alternatively, you can get your own or use normal bedding. Be prepared to wash the bedding afterward, though. A large roll of stretchy plastic film will also be useful. 

Decide what you're taking

Moving large items long distances can be difficult and expensive. This means that if you have items of furniture you've been meaning to replace, a move provides a great opportunity to get rid of them. Take an inventory of your furniture and decide what's worth keeping and what can be given away, sold or donated to charity. 

Take it apart

Some pieces of furniture are one-piece items that will have to be moved as a unit. Many, however, can be taken apart. Remove shelves from bookcases and legs from tables and desks to make them as easy to carry as possible. Collect screws, shelf pegs and other pieces, put them in small plastic bags and either pack them in your tool kit or tape them to the furniture. Wrap shelves together using plastic film to create individual bundles, but make sure the bundles are light enough to carry easily. 

Wrap it safely

Avoid scratches and dings during moving by wrapping your furniture in padding. Bubble wrap works for small items like lamps or mirrors, while blankets are ideal for larger pieces like table or desk tops. Packing tape is great for bubble wrap, but can be an awkward way of securing blankets, so wrap them with multiple layers of plastic film instead. These heavy items can be tricky to move; if you have a furniture removals company, be sure to let the professionals handle these. 


15 November 2017

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