3 Reasons to Install Thermal Sensing Security Cameras


As you plan your new CCTV business system, you'll have to decide what kind of imaging technology to use. While regular cameras do a good job, you may see more benefits from thermal sensing systems. These cameras register heat radiation when they create their images.

Why might thermal sensing security cameras be the best option for your business? 

1. Better Results in Difficult Conditions

The cameras that you install around the perimeter of your site won't always give you perfect pictures. There may be places that you need a camera to cover that have less than ideal imaging conditions.

For example, areas around your perimeter fencing may be dark; and you may not have a lot of light in some places. Some areas may contain shrubs or bushes that make ideal hiding places for intruders.

Regular cameras might not work so well when it is very dark. They also can't penetrate dense areas to see inside if someone isn't moving. However, thermal sensing cameras don't have this problem. The way that they measure heat means that they can work in the dark. They can also register heat traces even if someone is hiding.

2. Pinpoint Accuracy

If you have a manned security station, then your duty guards are on the alert for intruders who turn up on your security cameras. If you have remote monitoring, then your security company dispatches a patrol when a camera gives an alarm.

Time isn't your friend here. Even if you have guards on-site who spot someone on a camera, the intruder might move away from the area before your guards get there. Or, the intruder might hide if they hear them coming. By the time a patrol arrives, the intruder could be somewhere else entirely.

Thermal sensing cameras make life easier for your security personnel. If someone is in a camera's vicinity, their heat pattern will show up. They can't hide from the camera's viewing angle. Even if they move away, their heat pattern will quickly show up on the next camera.

3. Fewer False Alarms

Some security cameras give as many false alarms as real alerts. For example, if your cameras are motion-controlled, then an animal or falling branch could set off an alarm. Your security crew could be called out for nothing. This wastes time and, sometimes, pulls security guards away from real problems.

Thermal sensing cameras reduce false alarms. A stray animal will be identifiable and a falling branch won't give off any heat.

If you think that thermal sensing security cameras might be a good fit for your business premises, then talk to security companies to learn more about your options. Look for a company that provides security cameras to learn more. 


30 December 2019

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