Tips to Long-Term Furniture Storage to Ensure Preservation


Moving house can be equal parts exhilarating and stressful. However, when you are downsizing to a smaller space, you will have to contend with the challenge of seeking appropriate storage solutions for belongings you may not be ready to get rid of. Self storage offers you the extra room that you need, but putting items into storage, mainly furniture, is not merely about having the items dropped off and securing the unit. There are specific measures that you would have to take to make sure your items do not acquire damage while they have been put away. Utilise the following tips when storing your furniture for the long term to ensure they are well preserved.

Thoroughly prep the furniture

Before you can put your furniture into long-term storage, it is prudent to ensure that it is free of grime. Some people may assume using industrial strength detergents would make their prep easier as they will eliminate stains fast. In truth, you will be posing the risk of permanent damage to your items. Therefore, you should take your time to clean them with mild detergents that will eliminate dirt without damaging the items. Wooden items should be polished or waxed as needed to preserve the surface of the furniture. Once done with the cleaning, place the furniture pieces in a space that is well ventilated for a couple of days. The ventilation will make sure the furniture items completely dry, minimising the risk of storing them with moisture, which would increase the risk of mould developing.

Disassemble the large items

It may seem logical to leave your bulky furniture items intact to make sure that they do not take up excessive space in your storage unit. But the reality of the matter is larger pieces such as beds, dressing tables, sofas and more would be harder to move and transport when laden down with all the different parts. Disassembling them not only eases the transportation process but it would also make it easier for you to arrange the items. Take out cushions from your sofas, drawers from your dressers, legs from your tables and anything else that can come apart.

Use fabric as protective covers

Bubble wrap is a ubiquitous packing material as it can be used for a wide assortment of items. However, when putting furniture into long-term storage, plastic protective coverings may not be an ideal option. The plastic packaging restricts ventilation, and this can cause condensation to occur in your furniture items. Not to mention that lack of airflow could cause foul odours to develop on your upholstery. Instead, make use of sheets, drop cloths and other fabrics to prevent dust from settling on your furniture once they are in storage.


17 November 2017

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