3 Parties That Should Be Notified When Asbestos Is Detected

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Regular exposure to asbestos has a negative impact on one's health. As such, when asbestos is detected within a particular property, proper steps need to be taken to ensure it is removed as soon as possible. Below are several parties that should be notified once asbestos is found within a property. They can coordinate their efforts to solve the problem.

The inhabitants of the property

The inhabitants of a house should be the first people to be informed once any asbestos is found in the building. You could be staying in a house with asbestos without your knowledge. In the process, you might have inhaled some asbestos particles, which have a negative impact on your health. This will enable them you to seek medical attention immediately.

Several tests will be carried out and proper medication is given to prevent further additional harm that might be caused by the asbestos. Apart from the inhabitants, pets that are in the compound should also be taken to the vet for a thorough checkup. All inhabitants should then vacate the premises until the area has been cleared of any asbestos and experts have certified it as safe.

The landlord

The owner of a building should be notified when asbestos is found. This is because the landlord is liable for the materials that were used to construct the house and the safety of their tenants. The landlord must seek for and contract a company that carries out asbestos removal services. Once they have removed the asbestos, it is the landlord who should cover their costs. They will also be liable for any major renovations that might be required after the removal of asbestos on the property.

Professional asbestos removers

You should not attempt to remove asbestos without the involvement of asbestos services. This is because you lack the proper tools and clothing that will enable you to carry out this exercise safely. Once asbestos has been detected in a particular property, professionals should be informed. Upon receiving the report, they will visit the site, seal it off to prevent access to other people and then determine the best strategy to deal with the problem. Additionally, apart from only focusing on the asbestos that had been seen, they will also assess the surrounding buildings to find out if more asbestos can be found in the area.

Contact local asbestos removal services if you have more questions.


30 November 2017

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