Small But Important Details When Choosing a Retirement Facility

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When researching retirement apartments for yourself, you will probably start with the budget you have for buying or renting and then narrow down your options to just the complexes you can afford. This is obviously an important first step, but your budget is not the only thing to consider when choosing a retirement complex! Note a few small but very important details that you don't want to overlook when choosing an apartment, condo, or other such retirement living space.


Consider if you will have a garage, carport, or just open parking at your new home. Do you need to store sporting goods and other such items? Then a garage may be a necessity unless you can find a nearby self-storage unit to keep those items secure. If there is open parking, do you have assigned spaces? If not, how crowded is the parking lot; will you be able to park close to your own unit? Is there ample parking for guests? Is the parking lot sufficiently lit so you can park easily and see your way to your unit?

Rules and restrictions

You may think that owning a unit in a retirement facility means that you can do anything you want in your new home, but this isn't always the case. Some retirement facilities will have rules against all pets, even those kept in cages or terrariums. You may not be able to cook outside, decorate the outdoor area, or work on your car in the parking lot, and there may even be "curfews" for how late you can have company out on your deck or balcony! Some facilities also don't allow smoking in any of the units, so that the smoke doesn't drift to other areas. Whatever the case, be sure you know all the restrictions of any facility, and choose one with rules you can abide by.


Check on the activity calendar of a facility, as you might enjoy some daily activities to keep you busy during your retirement years. However, if you'd rather not participate in structured activities, consider if a facility that doesn't offer these might be cheaper. Note, too, the location of area attractions you enjoy; for example, if you're a movie buff, you'll want to ensure there are movie theatres nearby, or you might check on restaurants, golf courses, the local library, or any other such attraction you'll want to visit once you're settled into the retirement facility.


6 March 2018

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